From a modest beginning in Karachi, Pakistan in 1992, Epoch Pharmaceuticals has become a major player in the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Industry and is considered as a leading, professionally managed pharmaceutical company in Pakistan under the name of Epoch Pharmaceuticals,  With a corporate turnover of over US$10 million, the company undertakes manufacturing Tablets, Capsules, Liquid Orals, Ointments, Injectables, Pellets,  Dry Powder Suspensions formulations with cGMP norms.
With constant innovation, advanced technologies and state-of-the-art manufacturing plants, Epoch Pharmaceuticals has, over the years, grown to be a name to reckon with in the pharmaceuticals industry.

Epoch Pharmaceuticals manufactured under most of the Specialized Therapeutic categories, such as Anti-infectives, Anti diabetics, Antihypertensive and Cardiology, Antiulcer, Anti-asthma, Anti-pain, Anti-Malarial, Pediatrics, Nutritionals applications and Veterinary Products.


ISO 9001, is an international system in which Quality Standards have become the international benchmark for identifying quality run organizations.

Compliance with ISO 9001 identifies to the world marketplace a company that adheres to recognizable standards of quality. An ISO 9001 certificates declares to the global economic community that a registered company can be trusted to provide quality goods and services because an objective third party auditor has independently verified that its quality system upholds certain specified standards recognized by over 100 countries.

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO), the Geneva-based headquarters for developing among our colleagues in the pharmaceutical industry. The company will be a better equipped in its thrust towards the global market.

With our ISO 9001 seal of excellence confirmed... Quality Has Become Our Way of Life

In no other industry is quality more of an absolute requirement than in pharmaceuticals, because it translate into human lives. That is the way we at Epoch Pharmaceuticals, place a premium on our ISO 9001 recognition and confirmation.

Recognition in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing It means that our commitment to excellence has not wavered nor diminished.

Our products are made with the highest quality standards; our work force are highly skilled and provides the best services.

This Certificate of Registration to ISO 9001 ensures our continuing concern for quality. For Epoch Pharmaceuticals quality has become a way of life.



Vision and Mission

At Epoch Pharmaceuticals, our vision is to support our marketing partners with the latest innovations in Pharmaceutical technology and to become a global leader as a manufacturer of health care products by providing solutions and alternatives, and foremost, uplift the health and well-being of people.
And our Mission is to : Utilize the latest technology and provide significant added value to our partner.
Build a diverse, productive and challenging workplace.
Achieve market leadership in all segments of our Product line.
Epoch pharmaceuticas. has always been an advocate of building a safe and healthy environment. To ensure a safe working environment, we carry out all aspects of manufacturing in a manner consistent with the health and safety requirements of all employees within the organization. With continuous education and training sessions and effective treatment and disposal of wastes we ensure proper environment systems are maintained.

Epoch Pharmaceuticals, has also charted a series of employee welfare measures that include E.O.B.I  welfare, training and development, incentive programs and recreation facilities.

Core Values

We live, breath and exist in pursuit of products and services aimed at improving life.
We exemplify honesty and integrity in all our actions.
We are committed in taking care of our people and in giving them the opportunity to grow, to develop and to continuously exceed themselves.
We believe in the higher purpose of things, to the greater responsibility of our existence and to the real reason for our being.
The Company's reputation for efficiency, quality, and customer service is now a byword in the industry.

Quality Policy

Providing quality products and services that meet National and International Standards.
Strict adherence to , WHO (World Health Organization, ISO (International Organization for Standardization) and other statutory cGMP guidelines such as :
Routine training, effective communication and team building.
Continual upgrading of technical and quality systems
Quality is our Way of Life! Being accredited among Global ISO 9001 certified companies is not an end, rather a lifetime commitment to quality. Continuous compliance for 10 straight years with zero non-conformance to the element of ISO 9001 affirms thru the conduct of surveillance audit our pursuit of excellence in our products and services.

To satisfy emerging global demands, Epoch Pharmaceuticals has thrushed it's investment on a full range of equipment and facilities at par with worlds best. A leap to cutting edge technology yet unsurpassed by local standards.

Epoch Pharmaceuticals has a well equipped Quality Control Laboratory to meet the analytical requirements at every stage of the manufacturing activity.




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* Under technical Collaboration Epoch ,Inc. New York U.S.A.

* Member P.P.M.A  Pakistan Pharmaceutical. Manufacturing Association.

* Member Chamber of Commerce & Industry Karachi Pakistan.
* Member Korangi Asociation.
* Member PCDA
* Trustee: HMGJ KAR.